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PostYourBook: A New, Cheap Way to Buy and Sell Your Textbooks

Editorial Staff has arrived, and it’s right on time. College students needed a fair and better way to buy and sell their textbooks, and now they have it. Here’s a familiar scenario: You buy a textbook for around $200, sell it back to the school bookstore for only $50, and then the bookstore sells it to another student for $150!

It’s time to change this common situation by eliminating the middle-man (the school’s bookstore). is a free social networking website that connects students to buy and sell textbooks among themselves; the best part is that the student sets the sell price of the book. The intention is to eliminate the bookstore from ripping students off. Here’s how it works:

Selling a book is simple; select a school, register via email or through Facebook, enter the textbook ISBN number and done. Buying is even easier; simply search for a textbook and choose from an array of prices. A simple phone call or email will setup a meeting to exchange a book (usually on campus.) It’s a fast and simple process that was created for college students by college students.

Josh Hiekali, from Santa Monica, CA and Phillip Kravtsov from New York, NY were frustrated, like many college students, for paying thousands of dollars on textbooks. After three months of brainstorming and coding, was born. Santa Monica College (10,000 registered users) was the first college the site opened to in 2011. After a rapid success the site opened to all UC schools and has now gone national.

Today the website is open to over 250 schools. There are over 250,000 students using the website every term, and over 500,000 books listed across these schools. (while these numbers are growing every day.)

Don’t forget to buy and sell your textbooks this term, with!
Buyer Happy. Seller Happy.

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