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Pia Zadora, Z-list actress, arrested for domestic battery

Chelsie Lacny

Pia Zadora in "Voyage of the Rock Aliens" (1984)

Wait, Pia who?

Pia Zadora, a singer-actress well past her prime, was arrested Sunday on suspicion of domestic battery and coercion. The incident began when Zadora, 61, attempted to impose a bedtime on her son.

Her son was playing in the yard with her step-son and husband, Michael Jeffries, a Las Vegas police detective. Zadora wanted her son to come inside and go to bed, and when he refused she allegedly sprayed him and his step-brother with a hose.

As her step-son and husband attempted to calm her down, she proceeded to scratch and punch both of them. Her son later tried to dial 911, but Zadora tried to take the phone away from him, choking him in the process.

When the police arrived at the home, the whole family reportedly prevented him from answering the door. This resulted in a police stakeout of the house that lasted six hours.

The police finally arrested Zadora around 11 A.M. on Sunday, and she was released after posting $4,000 bail.

Pia Zadora began her career as a child actress on Broadway. In 1982 she was an actress worth knowing; she starred in Butterfly, and won a Golden Globe Award as New Star of the Year. After her film career never took off, she tried her hand at music. She had a relatively successful career as a singer, but she hasn’t come out with anything new in quite some time.

Zadora has been married to her third husband, Michael Jeffries, since 2005.

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