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Perfect Fit for College Schedule: YogaFit

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Need a Job? Under Stress?

Need a job? Under stress?

Those two questions will get most any student nodding their head. Whether you’re battling class assignments or fighting for more room in your dorm, college will always find a way to get hectic. Not to mention those summer savings aren’t going to last forever. No matter how many stress relieving events student organizations may hold on, it’s still an effort just to make it there, if your new job and classes will allow it in your schedule.

Yoga isn’t just some modern trend craze. Not only has it been scientifically proven to manage stress and promote health, it’s a fun and often easy-going gig, whether teaching part time or full. YogaFit (and founder Beth Shaw have aimed to bring healing yoga to the masses since it’s founding. The belief that yoga is a gift for the body and mind, and that sharing this practice with others will aid in personal growth has inspired many to join the movement. It is said when one teaches, two grow.

YogaFit is the largest yoga fitness education school in the world with more than 200,000 instructors trained on six continents. Each year across North America, a dozen Mind-Body-Fitness Conferences, and an average of 800 yoga teacher trainings give people the tools to become yoga instructors. Our 80 highly skilled Master Trainers work diligently to improve the health, skillset, performance, and mental balance of those they are training to teach. YogaFit partners with the American Council on Exercise, Can Fit Pro, many other health and wellness organizations and is required by several college yoga programs throughout the United States.

Colleges and universities embrace the warmth of YogaFit principally for the safety and inclusiveness engrained in the teaching style. Based on fitness principles developed in the best selling book YogaFit, we set ourselves apart within the industry with safety modifications to common poses, taking into account the importance of healing bodies. The goal is for each student to have the most healthy mind and body possible. The acceptance, lack of competition, and exclusion of expectations gives teachers the opportunity to create a unique and more peaceful environment. In addition, YogaFit stresses the idea that yoga is open to each and every person who feels the call to practice. Since YogaFit works to remove all competitiveness from the minds of those practicing, our trainers are instructed on tending to those who may need more help during class. Getting away from the college life of competition, stereotypes and expectations? What a relief! Every student has the right to this beneficial practice and the spreading of its light. YogaFit continues to open this opportunity to students by hosting trainings on campus in some areas.

What better job for your college schedule than teaching yoga?  Earn cash while reaping the physical and mental benefits! Most college jobs require blocks of hours at a time, which can clog up a student’s schedule. Book just one hour per day, or however many classes you want to! Being a yoga instructor allows the perfect daily length of time to focus on one’s body, wallet, and your last assignment. For students who don’t have access to work study jobs or off-campus employment, teaching yoga is the most convenient way to make money.

Colleges that require their students to be trained through YogaFit find that the same safe and inclusive pattern is found embodied from class to class. This consideration for the comfort of individuals in the class is tradition at YogaFit. Join the family of instructors and get your dream job in college. Find out more about our programs and get started on your path today!

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