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Michael Vick appeared on the Piers Morgan Tonight show to promote a new book

Vick discusses reflected on during his time in prison

Last night Eagles quarterback Michael Vick appeared on the Piers Morgan Tonight show to discuss his new book Finally Free that he wrote during his time in prison.

Vick was reflective of his interest in dogfighting which has stemmed from his tough childhood upbringings in Newport News, VA., and the impact prison has had on his life. Morgan asked Vick what it means to have written a book:

“It’s something I wanted to do a long time ago, pick up a pen and write a book,” adding that having the opportunity to write made him reflect on his own personality. “I learned that I wasn’t as forthright as I always wanted to be and could be…Being in a prison you have a lot of time to sit back and think about things.”

“You see all this violence and it becomes the norm…It made it seem like it was right because it was no consistent, night in and day out, day in and day out. You start to believe that there are no consequences behind it,” Vick explains about the dogfighting scene while growing up in Virginia.

Vick explains the interest he had in dogfighting was a “passion for animals” and despite his mother not allowing him to have a dog kept in the house he cared for a dog with his own money.

Vick adds on that no one told him dogfighting was wrong and says, “You can only go on what you see at such a young age, and I just fell into that trap and started believing what I wanted to believe…There was never a poing at which someone tried to correct me and tell me it was wrong.”

Vick was asked what his lowest point amidst the dogfighting scandal was and Vick told Morgan it was having to tell his son he was going to prison.

“I think the lowest moment was when I had to tell my son that I was going to prison and would be going for two years…He just broke down and cried—it was shocking because I didn’t think he was able to understand the prison concept.”

“What can you tell a kid who is four years old, four and a half years old, and doesn’t understand what dogfighting is, why his father is going to jail?”

According to an interview with USA Today he wrote the book to help others who have made mistakes as well as reclaim the “narrative” of his life, to “tell it my way.” Upon being bored in prison, Vick said he wrote 70 pages in one day as a way to pass the time.

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