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PAX East Round-up: MOGA Pro Controller

Josh Smith

There seems to be a dividing line between console gaming and mobile gaming and it’s one that MOGA is trying hard to blur. With processors and memory getting faster and smaller, it’s only a matter of time before we’re holding the equivalent of an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 in the palm of our hand. The line is drawn because most gamers who enjoy titles like Madden or Battlefield don’t find much appeal when they’re required to touch and swipe on a screen. Additionally, the feedback of a controller is a wonderful feeling, one that is comfortable to us all. With the release of the MOGA controller and the upcoming MOGA Pro (available later this month), no longer will gamers feel a sense of unease when gaming on their phone or tablet. In fact, as more games become available, some gamers may start looking forward to it.

The original MOGA is a tiny, handheld device that connects to your phone or tablet via bluetooth and will hold your phone in its adjustable arm — tablets are large enough that you don’t need them attached, nor would you want them to be. Using the MOGA Pivot App (a free download), a list of games is available which are compatible with the device. Speaking with the developers, College News was told, “In the beginning we were reaching out to developers to integrate them with the MOGA Pocket. Since then, we’ve had a large number of developers reaching out to us to make the games [compatible].”

At PAX East 2013, MOGA unveiled its newest product, the MOGA Pro. Shaped in a more familiar controller-like design, the Pro offers all the same benefits of the MOGA Pocket, but engineered in a way that feels more controller-like. With dual, raised thumbsticks, four face buttons and triggers, the controller is designed specifically to mimic the Xbox 360, arguably the most popular gaming controller available. The USB cable helps keep the rechargeable battery at full power and, while it still fits your phone, a tablet stand is included to prop your favorite Android tablet up for playing.

Often during my test, PAX East attendees would walk by wondering what game I was playing and on and for which console. Using an MHL cable to transfer the video from the tablet to the HDTV, people were often shocked to see I was playing a game on a tablet, using a bluetooth controller, and having an experience similar to one had in the comfort of their own home. That’s a testament to the design and the games available for on the MOGA Pivot App. With its unique design, the seamless integration and the surprising number of games available for it, the MOGA Pro Controller was a surprise. Of all the hardware seen at PAX East 2013, the MOGA Pro is easily the hardware of the show.

The MOGA Pro releases this month and will retail for $49.99.

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