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Pauly D just revealed that he has been a father since May

Jess Smith

Pauly D met his baby's mother at a DJ gig in Vegas

Pauly D has fathered a baby with a woman out of New Jersey and a custody battle heats up

Pauly D might need to trade his tanning lotion for a baby bottle, since it was just revealed that the 33-year-old Jersey Shore star is a father and has been for a few months. Real name Paul DelVeccio, the TV personality confirmed to the Today show that he is the father of a baby girl who was born a few months back.

His fellow Jersey Shore cast members displayed their congratulations, as well as their surprise about the news. Snooki just became a mother when baby Lorenzo came into this world 14 months ago. “He’s going to be an amazing father,” she said. “He’s so loving and caring, I can’t wait for Lorenzo and her to play!”

Sammi Giancola, known as Sammi Sweetheart, also expressed her surprise and happiness upon hearing the news. “I couldn’t be more happy for Pauly!” She told E! News. “He is going to be such a wonderful dad! This new little girl is so lucky to have the coolest father around!”

The mystery woman who is the mother of Pauly D’s new addition, lives with the baby and resides in Jersey Shore. They supposedly met at one of Pauly D’s DJ gigs in Las Vegas and were not in a relationship. According to TMZ, all of the news isn’t good and the mother, only known as “Amanda”, and Pauly D are going through a bitter war.

TMZ reports that Pauly D feels Amanda isn’t a fitting mother and points out her past employment at Hooters as a reason. This coming from a guy who helped popularize a phrase known as “DTF”, showed an intimate piercing to cast member JWoww and frequently engaged in hot-tub romps on national television.

It is also reported that Pauly D has filed court docs looking to gain custody of the daughter he hasn’t seen since being born back in May. The woman is also asking for child-support, but Pauly D feels that the woman is treating the baby like the golden ticket into fame and fortune. Apparently, the woman posted the picture of the baby with it’s high-chair covered in $100 bills.

Sounds like both parties have some growing up to do before they can take the challenge of being parents.

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