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Paris Jackson sends out a cry for help

Cynthia Martin

Paris Jackson crumbles under the pressure

Michael Jackson’s daughter attempts to end her life

Paris Jackson attempted to follow in her father’s footsteps on Wednesday. The 15-year-old tried to kill herself by taking as many as 20 ibuprofens and cutting her wrists with a kitchen knife.

Paris has seen more of the limelight since her father, Michael Jackson, passed away in 2009. While he was living, Jackson made sure that his three kids stayed out of the spotlight and the drama that goes with fame. But without the singer to keep his family and the media at bay, it’s no wonder that the pressure made Paris Jackson snap.

Since Michael Jackson’s death, Paris Jackson has often expressed interest in following her father’s example. She wants to start a singing career, plans to star in a movie and has been featured in many magazines.

Add on the lawsuit that Paris Jackson’s grandmother filed against AEG Live LLC (the company that was to produce Michael Jackson’s comeback tour), the problems of just being a teenager and the sudden death of her father. Anyone would have issues.

“Being a sensitive 15 year old is difficult no matter who you are,” wrote the Jackson lawyer, Perry Sanders Jr. “It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you.”

While it’s understandable why Paris Jackson may have wanted kill herself, it’s also pretty clear that she didn’t actually want to die.

Paris Jackson called a suicide hotline during her attempt. A source from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department said that it is officially classified as a “suicide attempt” but was probably just a stunt to get attention.

“It makes no sense if you really want to die to call a hotline, where the person on the other end will get an ambulance over to your house,” the source said.

But her reason for her attempt in no way diminishes the seriousness of the situation. Sources say the Paris Jackson is “physically fine.” It’s her mental health that should be the main concern now.

“The Jackson kids never really got the professional help they needed after Michael died, and they need it,” an insider said. “This incident is going to go one of two ways – it will either be a wake up call to Katherine [their grandmother and legal guardian] or it is only going to get worse.”

The support from her family should help Paris Jackson. Her brother, Prince Jackson, cancelled an appearance to be with her. The family thanks the public for all their support but also asks for privacy as they sort out the situation.

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