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Paris Hilton Celebrates 10 Years of Perfumes by Releasing Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition

Ellen Zacarias

Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition for Women

With seventeen (and now eighteen) perfumes in her fragrance lineParis Hilton has built an impressive perfume empire over the past ten years. To celebrate her fragrance line’s 10 year anniversary, Paris Hilton is releasing her 18th perfume, Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition for Women.  

Fragrance: How It Smells 

Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition for Women is a more concentrated version of her original “Paris Hilton for Women” perfume from ten years ago, which continues to sell like crazy around the world. It smells sexy and feminine, but not old-lady. It’s more like fresh and sophisticated. 

At the top: Apple, juicy peach nectar, muguet (lily of the valley) and wet ozone. Mmm…apple. I’m such a sucker for apple. 

At the heart of this fragrance: Florals. Lots of florals. 

Other scents include: Mimosa blossoms, sheer freesia and jasmine petals, and tuberose (for depth and texture). 

At its base: Creamy sandalwood, oakmoss, feminine ylang-ylang blossoms, musk. 

Pheromones are used in this perfume. I don’t know about the rest of the opposite sex, but my SO can vouch for it. While he’s apathetic about most of my perfumes, he really liked this one. I’m not sure if it’s because it has a jackpot combo of fragrances, or the pheromones used. And more importantly, I like it a lot. 

What They Say

Paris Hilton: “I’m thrilled to celebrate 10 years. I keep getting requests all over the world for more fragrances and so I’m happy to keep creating them. Paris Hilton for Women was an obvious choice for the Limited Anniversary Edition as it was my first fragrance when I was 23 and will always be very special to me.”

Angela Budd, VP of Marketing and Brand Development for Parlux Fragrances LLC: “Paris’ commitment to her fragrance portfolio and the authenticity she brings to each and every facet of the creative process is a direct reflection of its global appeal and success. Her energy and clear strategic vision, coupled with her tireless work ethic and enthusiasm, make her an incredible partner for Parlux.”  
Master Perfumer Steven DeMercado (who created Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition): “Paris Hilton has always shown the world that she is one of a kind, a true original…This 10th anniversary fragrance is just that: Spirited, Stunning….Perfect, just like Paris.”

With retail sales of more than $2 billionParlux reported to Women’s Wear Daily last Fall that Hilton is their “longest-standing celebrity brand to date, and over time, it’s likely she will be the most profitable”. See article, “Paris Hilton: Building an Empire”:

Paris Hilton Fragrance Collection

 Here are all the perfumes that Paris has released:

Paris Hilton for Women (2004), Paris Hilton for Men (2004), Just Me by Paris Hilton for Women (2005), Just Me by Paris Hilton for Men(2005), Heiress by Paris Hilton for Women (2006), Heir by Paris Hilton for Men (2006), Can Can by Paris Hilton for Women (2007), Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton for Women (2008), Siren by Paris Hilton for Women (2009), Tease by Paris Hilton for Women (2010), Paris Hilton Passport Collection for Women: Paris Hilton in South Beach, Paris Hilton in ParisParis Hilton in TokyoParis Hilton in St. Moritz (2011),Dazzle (2012), Can Can Burlesque (2013), With Love, Paris Hilton (2014), Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition (2015)

Packaging, Where to Buy

Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition for Women is packaged in a beautiful, glamorous 3.4 oz bottle covered with tiny, “diamond-inspired” crystals. It’s really cute.  

Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition is available in a 3.4 oz EDP now while supplies last at Perfumania stores nationwide and online at (MSRP: $65.00)

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