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One Summer, One Perspective

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How Jamaica inspired a lifestyle brand

One Summer was formed in Kingston, Jamaica by Dane Summers in 2012, with a clear vision to bring Jamaican products and culture to the world. One Summer created the world’s first Jamaican sunglasses. The branding has now evolved into several other products, these include clothing, mobile accessories, and home goods.

I can attribute my inspiration to create a brand of this nature to simply growing up in Kingston. Considering the fact that the city is extremely small, you have the ability to interact with people of very different backgrounds. 

In Jamaica the music is a narrative of how people feel and see everyday life. It’s quite easy for me to create a great product by simply listening to the radio. Having travelled to the USA quite a bit at a young age, I noticed that Jamaica is the only place on earth where individuals of varying races simply refer to themselves as Jamaican, No one says “Chinese Jamaican” or “African Jamaican”, while the opposite happens in the USA. One Summer signifies unity, which closely resembles my personal life experiences.

The most influential person in my life is my mother.

Zoe Summers is the creator and lead fashion designer of a Jamaican brand by the name of Heather Laine. Simply watching her work ethic and seeing her rise to being who she is today, Gave me all the motivation and direction needed to move on my purpose of creating something special and unique.

The design cues of One Summer is simplicity and high quality, thriving on being unique, but most importantly creating a connection between our products and our customers.

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