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Out of the Ordinary

'Once in a blue moon,' 'ASCII art' number among Google Easter eggs

Janelle Vreeland

Google screencap

‘Once in a blue moon’s calculation

Google Easter eggs have inspired all kinds of fun and crazy Internet searches recently. Among the most popular are ‘Do a barrel roll,’ ‘once in a blue moon,’ ‘ASCII art,’ ‘askew,’ ‘recursion’ and ‘anagram.’ Here’s a guide to them and what they do.

Do a barrel roll

By searching ‘do a barrel roll,’ users experience a little bit of nostalgia in the form of the video game “Star Fox.” Typing ‘do a barrel roll’ makes the screen do just that — do a barrel roll.

Once in a blue moon

Searching ‘once in a blue moon’ turns up a result that is a light-hearted mathematical calculation of ‘once in a blue moon.’


A search of ‘ASCII art’ gives the Google logo an ASCII look.


Googling ‘askew’ makes the screen go slightly askew. Entering ’tilt’ also results in the same scren rotation.


Playing off the concept of recursion — the process of repeating items in a self-similar way — Googling ‘recursion’ results in a Google suggestion of “Did you mean ‘recursion’?” By clicking on the suggestion, users enter an infinite loop of ‘recursion’ suggestions.


Googling ‘anagram’ turns up the result “Did you mean nag a ram?” which is an anagram of, well, ‘anagram!’

Have you found other Google Easter eggs? Let us know!

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