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Ochocinco will be Chad Johnson once again

Ochocinco has announced that he will be changing his last name back to Johnson, in preparation for his summer wedding.

The days of Ochocinco are coming to an end.

Chad Ochocinco has told the public that this summer; he will be changing his name back to Chad Johnson, according to Yahoo.

TMZ reported that Ochocinco wanted to change his name back in time for his wedding this summer so that his wife would not have a made-up last name.
Johnson is planning on marrying “Basketball Wives,” fiancée Evelyn Lozada July in Florida.

In response to a tweet from @RUDYDAGREAT1 that said: “I just notice I got bout 5 @ochocinco jerseys signed sitting on the wall, Johnson wrote: “Take them down, I’ll be Johnson on July 4th.”

Johnson took the name Ocho in the summer of 2008, though he did not begin to wear the number until 2009. He played two seasons in Cincinnati and one this past season in New England as a Patriot.

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