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Obama brings compromise to birth control debate

Jalesa Hall

President Obama in the Oval Office

In a press conference on Friday, Obama announced an “accommodation” to Catholics concerns with his decision.

Earlier in the week, Obama’s decision about requiring religious institutions like hospitals to provide free contraception to their employees in their health insurance caused an uproar with the Catholic Church.

This idea was not popular among several Catholics and President Obama has brought forward a compromise. The new plan is to allow women to obtain free birth control but requiring that the insurance companies provide if their employers object to birth control for religious beliefs.

The President said, “Whether you’re a teacher or a small businesswoman or a nurse or a janitor, no woman’s health should depend on who she is, or where she works, or how much money she makes.”

Obama stressed that fact that he does believe in freedom of religion and said “As a citizen and as a Christian I cherish this right.”

Planned Parenthood and the Catholic Health Association approve of the compromise and Obama’s staff no longer has to be divided over the issue.

Along with conservative Republicans, Vice President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta were upset about the original decision.

It’s no word to if this idea will completely silence the Catholic bishops.

The president’s administration believes that insurance companies can provide free birth control because birth control will cost less than covering pregnancies and reduce risk of ovarian cancer. 

However, there are skeptics out there that don’t see this compromise taking flight, including blogger Erick Erickson who tweeted, “If you believe the insurance companies will actually provide the drugs for free, you know nothing of economics.”

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