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No Excuses First Weekend

Sticking to Fitness Goals Through the First Weekend of 2015

We are already two days into January of the new year and how many have faltered from the fitness path? Starting the year on a weekend is tougher when it comes to working out and creating a schedule. Even if you have stuck to something for the first day of the new year, it is possible that Friday and the weekend will derail any plans and cause our minds to say, we will wait until Monday. Face this challenge by giving yourself some great small steps to take that will help you feel as though you did not fail, just adjusted.

Step One:

Stick to your diet, no matter how difficult. It will be tough to stick this one out with parties that will keep rolling right through to late Sunday night, but stay focused and use the tips offered in past articles to help you along. If you are still out of town and may be doing the last leg of travel this weekend, think about hitting the salad bar instead of fast food. Do try to stick to instead eating schedule by carrying a sandwich, or well rounded snack with you when you may not be able to sit down to a real meal. Skip sodas and specialty drinks and opt for water or juices to stay hydrated. There is no sense wasting precious calories, and increasing sugars and fats through liquids that will likely not even fill you up.

Step Two:

Come up with a simple morning workout that may only take a few minutes, but will make you feel good about actually getting something done. A fifteen minute workout first thing in the morning can get your day off to a great start and it does not have to be anything complex to feel the burn. If you are staying with family or friends this holiday season and there may not be a good place to really set up a workout space, take a jump rope, milk jug, or extra towel into a spare room and do a quick and simple cardio or weight routine. All of these things can be found in most homes, and if not a jump rope is easy to pick up at most stores. The jump rope idea can be very useful when traveling too, because of its portability. Stuff it into your carry on and when you get to your layover point slip it out and do a few hops in the airport, train station, or bus station waiting area.

Step Three:

Use this time to make your plan for Monday. If you really cannot get on the fitness track until the start of the first full week of January 2015, do not consider it a failure, use your time seated on the plane, or bus, to write out your plan and research some great classes that will be starting up. Set up an appointment with a fitness coach, dance instructor, or dietitian to get the professional guidance you deserve in the new year. One of the surest ways to stick to your goals is to have someone there to hold you accountable. If coaching is not in your budget, connect with friends to workout together and cheer one another on.

Happy New Year!

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