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New TayText App: For the Die-hard Swifties or Tinder Newbies

From your earphones to your hearts, Taylor Swift has finally made her way to your electronic devices in a new texting app that allows you to fill texts with Taylor Swift Lyrics.

It’s a new app called TayText, inspired by the Drizzy Keyboard which allows users to fill texts with just Drake lyrics, the TayText app is added to your messaging as a keyboard feature and enables you to fill your texts with Swift lyrics.

The app features more than 300 lyrics pulled from more than 60 songs to choose from with categories like “Into You,” “Over You,” and “Just Beginning” you’re sure to find the perfect lyrics for any occasion.

For those of you on Tinder, it’s a great feature to have when targeting your potential date, you have Tay at your fingertips to help you say all the right things.

The TayTex app was created by five students from Harvard Business School and is currently available in the app store.

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