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New Blink 182 Album Confirmed via Instagram

Katy Hollingsworth

Even though most of us are in our 20s-30s now, we can all still hate our parents.

Tom DeLonge confirmed on Instagram yesterday that Blink 182 is working on a new album.

Though no other details are known besides the description, we can expect to hear more once the band is done with their August shows and their headline performance for the Reading and Leeds festival.

Travis Barker also took to Instagram to start the hype.

We haven’t seen a full-length Blink ablum since 2011’s “Neighborhoods,” and fans are beginning to get excited for the band’s seventh full-length album. DeLonge has been busy with his Angels and Airwaves band, Hoppus has started a “Nothing and Nobody” project, and Barker has kept active in other various projects as well.

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