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Neil deGrasse Tyson-famed astrophysicist all over the publications

Billy Gardner

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Recognize him now?

Publishing a recent article and book

The famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson published his much anticipated article “The Case for Space.”

Hitting the newsstands today, the article confronts NASA’s current problem-Without new technology to replace the space shuttle or a clear plan for manned space travels, what is the future for NASA and space exploration in general?

Neil deGrasse Tyson also recently published a book, “Space Travels: Facing the Ultimate Frontier.” Tyson hones in on, in particular, American politics and the lack of funding, resources, and current transitional period for American space exploration as the situations that have caused the current predicament for NASA.

The news is not all bad though claims Tyson. With the current situation with NASA, other private sectors have hopped on board to pick the pieces up. “What’s going on here is the private sector is being encouraged-something, by the way, that should have happened decades ago-to actively participate in access to low-Earth orbit,” Tyson told

The renowned astrophysicist puts forth that the American public supports still supports space exploration. When the fate of the Hubble Telescope came into question “the loudest voices of dissent were not those of scientists but rather those of everyday Americans.” According to a recent Christian Science Monitor/TIPP poll, eighty percent of Americans believed the United States “should maintain its leadership role in space.” 

With NASA’s crisis, the US wants to stay on top, but Tyson, in his article, agrees cooperation amongst international space programs will be absolutely necessary for the continuation of space exploration.

Neil deGrasse Tyson told PopSci, when interviewing about his recent ventures, “The best experiments are the ones where we are completely stunned. You know, we are always at the drawing board. If you were not at the drawing board at that day, you are not at the frontier. The frontier means you’re at the drawing board at all times.”

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