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Natalie Wood Case Reopened

Jalesa Hall

Natalie Wood

The investigation surronding actress Natalie Wood’s death has been reopened by authories.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office has decided to relook at former actress Natalie Wood’s puzzling death. Wood drowned in 1981, while boating off the coast of Catalina Island.

The sherriff’s department released a statement says that they had additional information from people who had contacted the office about the drowning. A news conference will be held today at 2pm ET to provide further insight.

Last year, her sister Lana Wood has requested that the investigation be reopened. No word yet on if the information that will be released today is related.

Wood told CNN last year,”I just want the truth to come out, the real story.”

Natalie Wood was found floating in the water a mile away from the yacht she was on, dressed in a long nightgown, socks and a down coat.

Accounts of that night differ between people, but most say that there was a fight between Wood and husband Robert Wagner that happened before her death.

Wood is most famous for her roles in “A Rebel Without A Cause,” with co-star James Dean and her portrayal of Marie in “West Side Story.”

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