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Nancy Pelosi challenged by John Dennis

Janelle Vreeland

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi to face John Dennis in 2012 election

Nancy Pelosi may be concerned with Newt Gingrich and her assertions that he’ll never become president, but it looks as though the congresswoman has something else to worry about.

John Dennis has announced he will challenge Pelosi in the 2012 election for California’s 12th Congressional District seat. Pelosi and Dennis previously faced off in 2010.

“Nancy Pelosi is out of touch with San Francisco and America,” Dennis said. “Every major problem facing our nation has been exacerbated during her 26-year career in Congress and has escalated since she became both Speaker and now Minority Leader. Ms. Pelosi career in Congress epitomizes Washington’s assaults on the liberties of every American.”

“[Pelosi] is emblematic of the corruption in Washington via insider trading, out of control spending that has led to a nearly $15 trillion national debt, and economic intervention which has lead to significant losses in the labor force. As a self-proclaimed liberal, she has proven hypocritical even when it comes to the wars Washington started and funded in the last 10 years, showing again how out of sync she is with her constituents here in San Francisco,” Dennis continued.

Read more about the race between Nancy Pelosi and John Dennis here.

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