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myCharge Powers You Up

Josh Smith

For those on the go, a device that keeps you going

Nobody wants to be in this position, staring at a dim screen with a message flashing, “Battery power less than 20%, switching to power save mode”. Concerned with my loss of social connectivity, you frantically began searching for a power outlet or USB port to plug into, the consequences of a dead phone battery weighing heavily. We’ve all become so dependent on our phones and tablets that a loss of any of them is akin to being ostracized. That’s why a full battery is important; it ensures we stay connected to family, friends, followers, and gives access to every corner of the internet. But the folks at myCharge have made those worries a thing of the past with their Portable Power Bank 3000. Lightweight, powerful, and above all affordable, this handy device is a must-have for anybody with a smartphone or tablet PC.

It’s likely that users will apply one adjective to the Power Bank 3000: simple. Simple colors, simple connections, simple use. The device features an on/off button, another used to check remaining power, a USB input for charging, and then two cables for attaching devices. One cable is for your iDevice, using a 30-pin connector for your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. The other splits into a micro- and mini-usb, which covers nearly any gadget that may require recharging.

Charging the Power Bank 3000 from empty can take hours, so it’s important to recharge after each use. Running out of juice on the device you use to prevent that very problem is the apex of irony and may land you in a verse of an Alanis Morissette song. But the power packed within this little box of lightning is nothing short of amazing. It has standby time of 514 hours, meaning you can charge it to full, then leave it alone for three weeks before it requires another jump start. More importantly, it can provide an additional 12 hours of talk time on your smartphone, 17 hours of video and/or Wi-Fi, and 69 hours of audio. The charge time is blazing fast, too; a smartphone sitting at 8% power was charged fully in just over an hour and used about 50% of the charge.

Rather than oversell features and promise things it may not live up to, the myCharge Power Bank 3000 knows exactly what it excels at and sticks to them. The features included, like the indicator lights on the front used to determine how much charge is remaining, are useful and simplified. It’s compact and easily stored in a messenger bag, purse, or even a pocket and delivers power quickly and efficiently, limiting downtime of your favorite device. Finally, myCharge understands that not everyone needs the same amount of power on the go, which is why they offer four different Power Banks, each with varying strength and price. Overall, the Power Bank 3000 is a brilliant piece of hardware that will work wonderfully with all of your gadgets.

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