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Musubo brings their unique iPhone 4 cases to US

Jason Evangelho

Musubo's Retro iPhone 4/4S Case

From retro to rubber bands, Musubo’s iPhone cases ooze awesomess

Inspired by Toyko street fashion, Musabo’s iPhone 4/4S cases just landed in the US, and it looks anything but ordinary. The moment the company shared them with us, we had to share them with you guys.

Our favorite by far is the “Retro,” which reminds us of those classic vocal “grill” microphones, except with modern curves and great grip. It even includes a folding stand for watching vids on the go. 

The second model that stood out was the Rubber Band case, a bright throwback which drips 1980s style and should certainly appeal to the ladies. 

Third on our favorites list is the MatchBook Pro, which is so original and sleek looking it’s borderline ridiculous (in a good way). The matchsticks are silicon-tipped and act as both sturdy grip and kickstand for media viewing. 

All three are available now on for between $29.99 and $34.99 MSRP. 

You can check out Musubo’s other iPhone accessories at

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