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Music photographer makes it big sneaking into major festivals

Adrianna Velazquez

Marcus Haney it made it big and it all started with sneaking into Coachella.

Marcus Haney dropped out of college at USC just two weeks before graduation to legitimately pursue his photography career as a tour photographer for Mumford & Sons, which unlike most concert photographers, started after sneaking into Coachella in 2010.

It all started during his junior year, Haney did the unthinkable when he snuck into Coachella. In an interview with Noisey, Haney said his experience at Coachella fueled what came after: sneaking into other major festivals.

“Coachella bit me— I had such an amazing time,” he said.

From Coachella he began sneaking into other music festivals, getting up close and personal with some of the biggest stars in addition to making a stop at the Grammy’s.

“It takes a lot of watching for the right opportunity to get past security, past scanners, past metal detectors and all the way down to the nominees floor,” said Haney about making his way into the Grammy’s.

How did he do it? His methods are controversial. Haney faked his way into some of the biggest music festivals by recreating wristband, posing as artists, pretending to be security and searching for obscure entrances, but most importantly, always walking with confidence.

Haney is chronicling his extreme experiences in a full-length documentary titled No Cameras Allowed that he hopes to have released in theatres soon.

You can view some of his work by visiting his official website here.

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