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Museum dedicated to Schwarzenegger

Jalesa Hall

The star/politician inaugurated a museum dedicated to him on Friday

Negative comments ceased momentarily while Arnold Schwarzenegger inaugurated a museum in his honor, according to the Associated Press. Drawing a crowd in his hometown of Thal, Austria, a bronze statue resembling a younger Arnold was erected near the museum’s entrance.

Fellow Austrians forgot the messy divorce Schwarzenegger is currently going through and the child born out of wed-lock that led to the divorce. The fans simply high-lighted the accomplishments and achievements of Schwarzenegger.

The museum that has been opened since July — located in the more than two-century old house of his birth — and contains items such as his childhood bed and life size replicas of the “Terminator.”

Schwarzenegger leaves a message to everyone that visits the museum, he wishes that the visitor understands that everyone can be successful in his own way.

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