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Mrs. Eastwood makes her TV debut

Editorial Staff

Mrs. Eastwood and Company on E!

The wife of Clint is just as entertaining

Mrs. Eastwood and Company aired last night and kept everyone entertained. The show, which airs on E! features Clint Eastwood’s wife Dina, her two daughter’s Francesca and Morgan and their housekeeper Lisa.

Mrs. Eastwood however showed the world Sunday night that her husband isn’t the only one with talent and timing in the family. Last night’s episode of Mrs. Eastwood and Company was all about being uncool. 

Morgan wanted a piercing, so Dina and Lisa decided to prove just how frivolous they are. Mrs. Eastwood got her bellybutton pierced. And, Lisa, to push it over the top, opted for a stud in her nose. However, she later removed it, stating, “Inside, it feels like a big snot.”

While Mrs. Eastwood and Company follows Keeping up with the Kardashians, the women are not cut from the same cloth. Instead of opting for the drama of the glitz and glam of the Kardashians, Mrs. Eastwood’s show opts for a more casual motherly tone.

“People might be surprised by how we live our lives and our unconventional approach,” Dina Eastwood said in a statement

While the family has been made famous thanks to Clint, the Duke is rarely seen. In the first episode, Mr. Eastwood is seen for barely 70 seconds, and he is mostly silent.

It’s obvious that the world doesn’t need another reality TV show, but Mrs. Eastwood and Company doesn’t try and impress with their wealth. They know they are there to just entertain. And, that’s okay with us.

Mrs. Eastwood and Company airs Sundays at 9 p.m.

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