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Movie-go like a pro

Margaret Swofford

How to go to the movies and be smart about it

Since 3D movies and new technology regarding movies has come out, the count for movie-goers has increased significantly. Nowadays people go to the movies regularly and spend ridiculous amounts of money per month on food, snacks, drinks and the movie tickets themselves, without even considering the fact that there may actually be better ways to save money and see the newest flicks that you want to.

My first midnight premiere that I’ve gone to, and the last that I will ever go to, was the recent film the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Waiting in a ridiculously long line, paying practically $15 for a movie ticket, five dollars for a bottle of water and falling asleep halfway through the movie was my last straw.

So, therefore it is logical that my first piece of advice be: don’t go to midnight premieres. They are the film’s way of cheating people out of money because they know that you will fall asleep or be way too tired to enjoy the movie at two in the morning. And as soon as you flop down onto your bed after driving home from the movie theatre, you will realize that you don’t remember one thing about the movie, and, since you were so excited about the movie coming out, go back and pay another $15 to watch the same movie over again. It’s stupid! It’s so easy and more beneficial for you to just take a breath, avoid the news and social media (like Facebook and Twitter where people will post spoilers) and go the next day during the day or earlier at night. You will be guaranteed to get more out of the movie than going at midnight.

The second piece of advice that I have to offer is to look for deals at your local movie theatre. Some movie theatres actually have lower prices for movies during the day, or even during the week. It may be more of a hassle to go in the middle of the day when you could actually be doing things other than sitting in a dark theatre for two hours, but you will save a couple dollars, which will add up after a while.

My final tip would be to bring your own food and drinks into the theatre. While the movie theatre will probably ask you to get rid of your snacks if they see you carry them in, they can’t deny a water bottle. So don’t be afraid to just bring in your own water bottle at least. If you’re a man and are ashamed to bring a purse or a bag to hide them in, bring your wife or a date and have her store your home-brought water bottles and candy in. If you’re a girl, bring a purse that’s big enough to hold exactly what you need, but not too big that you look suspicious. If you hide your food well enough, they will never even know. And on top of that, you’ll also save a bucket load of money.

While going to the movie is fun and enjoyable, there is no doubt that it costs a lot of money. But to save money and get the best experience out of going to the movies, these tips will give you exactly that.

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