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Morgan Freeman reads ‘Fifty Shades’ out loud

Kristina Vragovic

Morgan Freeman impersonator reads 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

All your dreams have come true: You can now hear Morgan Freeman reading from the erotic bestseller


Morgan Freeman has narrated many things—but so far, the only erotica has been in your mind. Until now.

A talented Morgan Freeman impersonator, Josh Robert Thompson, has recorded himself reading from Fifty Shades of Grey in character. And before you turn up your nose, you should know that this guy is really good. Before the hoax was revealed, reports circulated that Morgan Freeman himself released the recording (much like the recent reports that he was dead, along with a slew of other celebrities whose fake deaths spread like wildfire before being put down).

It is uncertain whether this event can even be compared to when Ellen DeGeneres read from the bondage romance novel, or even when Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth read snippets from the book to promote Snow White and the Huntsman. The Morgan Freeman reading goes beyond every one to come out thus far.

It might be on par with Gilbert Gottfried’s, though for very different reasons.

Gottfried created quite a stir this May for his reading of Fifty Shades, which appeared on and inevitably made the YouTube viral video circuit. His signature crazed voice, which has given animated life to both to a parrot and, er, another parrot, instantly transformed the bestselling novel into a total farce.

The Morgan Freeman reading, on the other hand, is one you should probably only listen to in the comfort of your own home. NSFW.

Josh Robert Thompson has also voiced characters on Family Guy and American Dad, but his Morgan Freeman impression is currently his biggest Internet hit.

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