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Moonshine kills at least 125 in India

Janelle Vreeland

Moonshine still in Thailand

Moonshine, “country liquor,” common among the poor in India

Moonshine is responsible for at least 125 deaths in India.

Reuters reports that a bad batch of moonshine sold by several illegal shops is responsible for mass deaths in the town of Mograhat. Ambulances brought ill residents from outside villages to already cramped hospitals.

Reportedly, the current death toll is at 131. The victims of the bad moonshine were mostly poor laborers. Moonshine, or “country liquor,” is common among the poor in India because it is cheaper than alcohol from licensed shops.

A hospital official told Reuters, “More and more [moonshine] victims are coming. Many are waiting for treatment, but with a lack of beds it’ll take time to manage.”

Read more about the moonshine deaths here.

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