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Mitt Romney wins in Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney wins 6 states, Rick Santorum wins 3 and Newt Gingrich wins 1 in Super Tuesday.

Mitt Romney continues to lead in the race of Republican presidential nominee, thanks to Super Tuesday’s results. Political analysts believe that the Ohio primary is a critical point in the battle and NBC News has project Mitt Romney to be the winner of the state.

After winning Arizona and Michigan, Romney eliminated Santorum’s lead, despite Santorum winning several Super Tuesday caucuses and primaries.
NBC News projects Romney as the winner in Vermont, Massachusetts, Idaho and Virginia.

Santorum suggested to have won Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota with Newt Gingrich picking up Georgia and Ron Paul with none.

Though Romney had been seen earlier in the campaign as a party favorite, just a few thousand voters separate Romney and Santorum making this a closer race than anyone expected.

Santorum said in Ohio before results announced, “We’re going to win a few; we’re going to lose a few. But as it looks right now, we’re going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole passel full of silver medals.”

Santorum went on to say, “We have won in the West and the Midwest and the South, and we’re ready to win across this country.

Between all the states that held their primaries or caucuses and Wyoming, 424 out of the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination were up for grabs on Tuesday.

In Romney’s speech on Tuesday he said, “Tonight we’re doing some counting. We’re counting the delegates for the convention and that looks good and we’re counting down the days to the convention and that looks better.”

Romney typically performs well among voters who have the economy as their top concern or who believe that Romney has the ability to beat President Obama in the November election.

Some Republicans had hope that Super Tuesday would be a turning point for the Republican Party, particularly on how the rest of the country views them.

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