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MIT shooting update: officer killed; gun control hotter topic

Rob Gilmore

Shooting at MIT likely to heat up gun control debate

Shooting at MIT leaves one officer fatally wounded

A shooting at MIT has left one police officer fatally wounded Thursday night near building 32 on the university’s campus, according to ABC News.  Just one day after the Senate refused to pass legislation that would have required intense background checks for gun buyers, the nation is yet again wrapped up in another campus shooting,

The MIT shooting began when an officer was responding to a disturbance in the area.  He was shot dead by Building 32 of MIT’s campus, according to ABC News.  The shooting at MIT has left no other injuries, according to a press release by the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office.

The MIT shooting, which left one officer shot critically, occurred at 10:48 pm near Ray and Maria Stata Center on the MIT campus and the “situation is still very active,” according to the university’s website. 

ABC News reports that the university said on their website at 12:21 a.m. eastern standard time, “Responding agencies are actively investigating the situation, which remains very fluid at this time. Police continue to sweep the campus. Stay indoors and remain inside until further notice.”

MIT police might not yet have a shooter, but one thing’s for sure.  As the rest of the world is focused on America’s handling of the gun violence epidemic, this incident at MIT is yet another in a laundry list of shootings that will surely heat back up the gun control debate- not that it ever has much time to cool down. 

No arrests have been made for the MIT shooting.

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