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Miranda Lambert's Hometown Welcome Sign Vandalized

Adrianna Velazquez

As you enter Lindale, Texas you’re welcomed by Miranda Lambert playing a guitar on a billboard welcoming travelers. Recently, the billboard was vandalized and Lambert was given a makeover.

According to multiple reports, police are investigating what could be a class-A misdemeanor after vandals remodeled the welcome sign by giving Lambert a white mustache.

City workers attempted to restore the sign to it’s original state but after trying to scrub what appears to be a permanent marker using gasoline, GooGone, among other products they were unable to do so.

Sign Masters in Tyler, Texas, the company that created the sign, will be cleaning up the damage and printing a vinyl decal to put over the vandalism.

Lambert’s father, an ex-police officer, is not surprised by the news he and his wife heard of via text message, but has spoken out about the incident to local station KLTV.

“My wife and I just shook our heads and thought some ignorant fool that doesn’t have enough to do, out destroying property that cost the Rotary Club of Lindale,” said Richard Lee Lambert. “They collected the money to do that and we regret that somebody is stupid enough to go out and destroy city property like that.”

No arrests have been made in relation to the vandalism, but Police Chief Daniel Somes said he hopes the perpetrator brags about their work and is turned in and held accountable for their actions.

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