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Michael Jordan steps back from basketball operations

Michael Jordan is leaving the decision-making to his front office staff

Unfortunately, Michael Jordan isn’t quite having the same career as an owner as he did when he was a player. As owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, he has played a major role in most of the Bobcats’ personnel decisions. However, that approach hasn’t exactly fared too well for Jordan, seeing as the team finished with the worst winning percentage in league history, .106.

With that being said, I don’t think Jordan has a problem handing over the day-to-day responsibilities of running the team to general manager Rich Cho. The New England Sports Network pointed out that the greatest player in NBA history won titles in the past by passing the ball to role players such as Steve Kerr and John Paxson. Let’s hope this same strategy holds true as an owner.

ESPN Magazine reported “He’s promised his front office staff that he’ll let them do their jobs without his shadow looming over their (draft) war-room marker boards.”

Jordan proves to be a smart man in making the decision to pass over some of the power to the GM. Cho has gained credibility in the past by helping turn the small-market Oklahoma City Thunder around by building through the draft and making smart trades.

Hopefully this change in tactics saves Jordan from being the subject of more jokes regarding his less-than-average team.

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