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Michael Cera Put Out an Album

Carlo Mantuano

In surprising but somewhat understandable news, actor Michael Cera released an album. Cera’s name is not that unfamiliar with indie and folk music. In a handful of his films, particularly Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Juno, Cera’s character plays some kind of musical instrument.

What is surprising is the lack of publicity or promotion that Cera gave this project. There was virtually no hint that he would release it at all.

However, the album, which is titled True That, is out on his bandcamp page and feedback has been generally positive in the eight or so hours since the word got out. The album is an eighteen-track album that features a lot of piano and minimal guitar hooks. We also get to hear Cera’s voice, which fits perfect over some of the more melancholy tracks like “Ruth.”

The album comes without any pretentious nature of Cera’s fame or acting career. Moreover, True That sounds like one day Cera just said, “Screw it! Let’s record some music.” And by those standards, the album is not too bad!

Just today, the album is generating a lot of buzz. Actor and Cera’s friend, Jonah Hill went to twitter to endorse True That. Hill tweeted, “My great friend Michael Cera not only is a brilliant actor, he also makes great music. Check it out:>.”

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