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Men can look their best in a Contempo slim fit suit

Editorial Staff

Don’t you want to look your sexiest?

Contributed by Aaron Sarfati, President of Contempo Suits (

In the world of style and fashion You can guarantee that at some point a certain look is going to come back but Will it take 50 years to come back? Usually a certain look will take 25 years or so. Sometimes thirty years to come back to the forefront of style. The slim fit suit waited for a much longer entrance time than is usual for fashion. You have to really go back to an era that existed when the slim fit suit was originally in style. Think of America during a slightly more simple time. A time when tail fins were still on automobiles and the Kennedy White House was Camelot. We’re talking the early 1960s. This was an era where the slim fit suit first arrived on the scene with it’s more tailored look and narrower lapels and even narrow width ties. An era when James Brown the Godfather of Soul first magically glided on Stage introducing the World to a look, sound and style that just didn’t exist previously.

When You first take a look at slim fit suits, at first glance on the hanger they pretty much look like your regular business suit. They are usually a jacket and matching pants. You’ll find that they also come with a 2 button style jacket in a single breasted look. That is pretty much all that these skinny fit suits have in common with a business suit. For the most part, a standard style business suit is about 31 1/2 inches long in length. Now, if you are paying attention, the drop of a standard fitting business suit is usually down to the crotch. Not lower and not higher. On a slim fit suit, the bottom of the jacket will be raised at least an inch and sometimes an inch and half which makes the suit jacket now no longer cover the crotch at all.

Think of it almost like a hemline on a skirt and You soon get the idea. While the length of the jacket is now an inch shorter in length, The rest of the jacket has to follow the same look. The most noticeable thing about slim fit suits is the fit of course. You’ll need to be trim to make these work. Slim fitting suits come highly tailored to Your torso and have no room for flaws. If you happen to have any flabbiness on You, it will be on display. It’s best advised to wear them when you’re in good shape. You’ll find that the armpit rises also slightly higher with the sleeves being less roomy than your classic fitting suit and this all coincides with the way the way a slim fit suit is supposed to fit and look. Like a glove.

In another throwback to the 1960s pre-Vietnam War. The lapels are narrow. Depending on the style of the slim fit suit, the lapels can be come super narrow. Now, in order to make the look really work, don’t even think about throwing on that standard width silk tie. You’re going to need to wear a narrow tie that corresponds with the narrow look of the lapel. It’s all about balance when you’re getting dressed to impress. You’ll notice all the Younger male Celebs wearing slim fit suits these days and You won’t see them wearing a regular width silk tie spoiling the look. Celebrities can afford stylists, but the average man can’t. Just pay a little attention to how they put it all together and You’ll get the idea. Popular male Celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Ryan Seacrest won’t be seen in public wearing anything but a slim fit suit. Everything all about the highly tailored look. Young men under 30 years old have embraced this look in a big way.

To keep the balance in the way a slim fit jacket looks and fits, it makes perfect sense that the slacks that come with it also keep with the same style philosophy. You will find that the pants that your slim fit suit comes with are also tighter fitting. They will have the no pleat pleat flat front look for a slimmer look and will have a lower rise waistband as well by an inch. The pants on the bottom will keep with this look and be more tapered at the bottom. This all adds up to what a Slim Fit suit is all about and the way it should look.

Contributed by Aaron Sarfati, President of Contempo suits (

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