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Medical accessories required for freshmen medical students

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Harvard Medical School

Learn what it’s like for freshmen in medical school

By Arya Mullen

Being into a medical profession is quite challenging for any individual. Doctors come across thousands of patients each day with different ailments. It is very important for a doctor to diagnose the problem the patient is undergoing through to channelize the treatment towards the right direction. In order to diagnose a patient it is of utmost importance that the doctor is well equipped with all the right medical accessories.

Medical accessories are not only needed by the established doctors, but the students who have just joined the medical studies also make use of several accessories. To make the medical students accustomed with the use of the common medical accessories, they need to carry them from the very first year of their studies. Among many accessories that a medical student requires the first and foremost is a laptop with widescreen monitor. If you have a computer by side along with internet connection, you can be sure your medical studies will become much easier.

Talking about core medical equipments that a medical student need, a stethoscope is of utmost importance. A stethoscope is the primary instrument used to diagnose the internal conditions of a patient from minor problems to very severe ones. From the very early years of your medical studies to the end of your professional career, a stethoscope is very much essential to a doctor. Not just the first year students, even the post graduate interns also need to have it in their medical accessories kit. It is always important to invest in the right accessories, as being a doctor you will need the basic accessories for the rest of your life. Apart from Stethoscope, a medical student must have Sphygmomanometer, Tuning forks, Thermometer and Instrument sterilizer in their basic kit bag.

Additionally, bandages are also necessary to keep in the kit bag, especially first-aid bandages. You never know when your patients may need it. Keeping extra syringe and gauges for safety sake is better. For a freshman, it may get little tough to understand which accessories you must keep and which you can avoid, but with time you will learn to keep your kit in perfect shape.

Checking the quality of the medical equipments you buy is important. Owing to the demands of the medical supplies, you will find many suppliers and the prices and the quality of their products vary largely. Assessing the quality of the equipments you use is essential, if you want to use the accessory in the years to come. Buying medical equipments with warranty can actually save you from any awkward situations. The after sales service which the medical suppliers provide is quite necessary. The basic medical accessories are alright, but there are some intricate accessories as well, which might need servicing. You can also buy the necessary freshman medical accessories from the online stores as well.

The right equipments will eventually teach you to diagnose your patients well. Diagnosing the patients carefully can lead to successful treatments. Therefore, as soon as you take admission in a medical college, invest in the best quality medical accessories.

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