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McKayla Maroney shockingly receives the silver medal

Lexi Elias

McKayla Maroney

The talented gymnast lands in the sitting position in the women’s vault final


America’s McKayla Maroney amazed the world with her incredible vault performance during the team finals Thursday night. She is considered the best female gymnast on the vault in the world; however, Sunday was clearly not her best night as an error vanished her chances at the gold. The heartbroken gymnast stood with the silver medal around her neck.

After her two outstanding vault performances, McKayla Maroney delivered a disappointing performance by her extremely high standards. Although McKayla Maroney landed her second vault in a sitting position, the talented gymnast still landed the silver medal for the United States.

“I didn’t deserve to win gold if I landed on my butt,” McKayla Maroney stated. “I’m not disappointed about the silver, I’m disappointed about my performance.”

Sandra Raluca Izbasa of Romania snagged the gold medal in the women’s vault final Sunday night. McKayla Maroney finished with an overall score of 15.083, and Izbasa came out on top with an overall score of 15.191.

“It happens, it’s gymnastics and you can’t be perfect and sometimes things don’t go as you planned,” said McKayla Maroney. “I can’t blame it on anything except I screwed up.”

Although McKayla Maroney is extremely disappointed, her maturity over the entire situation has been extremely applauded. Her fans have made it clear that they realize the talent it must take to have made such a mistake of landing in the sitting position and still receive the silver. The USA is still incredibly proud of you, McKayla Maroney!

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