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McDonald's curly fries are only in the Philippines, limited edition

Elif Geris

Limited edition McDonald's curly fries will last three weeks

Limited edition McDonald’s curly fries will last three weeks

McDonald’s Curly fries are now being served in the Philippines, but will only last three weeks having started Aug 1st. This limited edition has people begging on Facebook for McDonald’s curly fries to be changed to a permanent menu item.

The McDonald’s curly fries are also known as twister fries and potato curls, and they are spiced and deep-fried.

McDonald’s in other countries are considering following the Filipino trendsetters with the limited time edition of McDonald’s fries.

WebProNews contributor Amanda Crum had this to say: “Sure, we all know and love McDonald’s golden sticks of awesome, but seriously, who doesn’t love curly fries?”

And Twitter users were busy spreading the word about the McDonald’s curly fries.

Jaleel White said, “The only fries that can compete with McDonald’s fries is Five Guys and curly fries.”

In the meantime, Rico Prugant disagreed with the common opinion of McDonald’s curly fries: “So McDonald’s Has Curly Fries, I Don’t Know How I Feel About That…”

According to Starmometer, the reason for the limited edition McDonald’s curly fries, a.k.a. twister fries, is that the company prefers to make it a hotter commodity. McDonald’s wants to up the value of its curly fries to its customers.

The company’s slogan for McDonald’s curly fries is “Prioritize the twister fries! Get ‘em while you can!”

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