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"MasterChef" sends Jennie packing

Janelle Vreeland

Gordon Ramsay

“MasterChef” contestants Ben and Christian tie for elimination test winner

“MasterChef” was all new last night and, in typical reality show fashion, someone was sent home.

The “MasterChef” judges, including Chef Gordon Ramsay, sent contestant Jennie home after she failed to impress them during the elimination test. The test consisted of the contestants having to reproduce “MasterChef” season one winner Whitney’s crispy catfish dish. The catch? The contestants were not told what the ingredients were, they were only allowed to taste the dish and then guess the ingredients and cooking method.

Jennie’s dish was detested by the judges who thought it was too salty. They also criticized her purple slaw which they said looked like someone had already chewed it. Jennie admitted that it was her first time frying fish.

Also in last night’s “MasterChef” bottom three were Adrien and Alejandra. Not only did Adrien fail to plate the dish as Whitney had plated it, the judges also found his food repulsive. Alejandre also missed the mark by failing to reproduce the dish correctly. Chef Ramsay was furious and disgusted over the fact that her tartar sauce contained garlic instead of dill.

The meal for the elimination test was chosen by contestant Jennifer who won the mystery box challenge earlier in the show. Jennifer’s advantage in the elimination test was that she was given all the correct ingredients in the dish, making it much easier for her to reproduce. Despite this advantage, it was contestants Ben and Christian who were declared the test’s winners.

There are now 12 contestants left competing in this season of “MasterChef.”

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