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"MasterChef" declares Jennifer the winner

“MasterChef” judges are impressed by Jennifer’s technique

“MasterChef” aired its two-hour season two finale last night, during which the final three contestant were whittled down to the winner.

In the first hour, “MasterChef” contestants Adrien, Jennifer and Christian were challenged with a mystery box containing chicken. The challenge brought the contestants full circle, providing them with the protein that landed them a spot on the show in the first place. Although all three contestants did well, the “MasterChef” judges were most impressed with Adrien’s dish and least impressed with Jennifer’s.

Winning the mystery box challenge gave Adrien an advantage going into the “MasterChef” semi-final. Given the choice of one of three ingredients to work with, Adrien chose octopus which would showcase his skill and technique. This left Christian with the option of taking the veal or the mushrooms. He chose the veal, believing he had put Jennifer at a disadvantage. He didn’t realize that Jennifer grew up just outside of the mushroom capital and had a lot of experience with that ingredient. Her experience showed as she wowed the “MasterChef” judges with her mushroom ravioli. In the end, it was Christian who was sent packing, leaving Jennifer and Adrien in the finale.

For the “MasterChef” finale, both contestants were required to create a three-course meal, consisting of an appetizer, an entree and a dessert. The contestants were neck and neck through the appetizer round and both impressed the judges with their entrees, Jennifer cooked her quail perfectly and Adrien astounded with his short ribs. The “MasterChef” judges were less than impressed with their desserts, however, as Jennifer’s poached pears, Joe thought, were more of a pre-dessert, and Adrien’s cake was dry and bland.

In the end, the “MasterChef” judges unanimously agreed that Jennifer deserved the title of MasterChef and awarded her with the prize of $250,000 and a cookbook publishing contract.

Watch videos of “MasterChef” here.

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