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Marvin Winans attack influences crackdown on 24-hour establishments

Elif Geris

Marvin Winans was robbed of his $15,000 watch

What’s more important? Safety or money?

Marvin Winans, a famous Detroit pastor was attacked yesterday afternoon at a gas station near Detroit’s west side. Winans was robbed of his 2012 Infiniti QX56 SUV, his Louis Vuitton wallet, which contained $200, his gold and diamond Rolex watch, valued at $15,000 and a lot of healthy tissue. The pastor was beaten by three or four assailants, while about 10 young men stood inside the gas station and witnessed the attack unfold.

This incident inspired Detroit city councilmen to crack down on nighttime laws, including protection of 24-hour establishments. Security personnel are to be assigned for such operations as gas stations, liquor stores, bars and nightclubs.

This is despite the detail that Winans was attacked in the afternoon light.

Councilman Kwame Kenyatta said, “Hospitals mandate and maintain – without the law saying that they should do so – 24-hour security,” expressing that, “the same thing should be done in these facilities.”

The proposal was initially shot down a few months ago after a shooting, due to the expense small business owners did not wish to face. However Kenyatta hopes that the importance of safety is better understood to compensate for finances.

As the story goes, a young man approached Winans to inform him of his leaking tank, leading Winans to turn around and face a punch straight in the back of his head. The attack occurred at the Citgo gas station on Davison and Linwood.   

Police reported that Winans did not desire to be retrieved by an EMS transport, so a friend drove him to the hospital.

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