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Mark Kelly will not take Gabby Giffords' place in Congress

Janelle Vreeland

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly says Giffords would like to run for Congress in 2012

Mark Kelly spoke with ABC correspondant George Stephanopoulos about his wife Gabby Giffords and her desire to run for re-election.

Kelly told Stephanopoulos that he did not want to run for Congress should Giffords be unable to run herself. 

“No. I want her to get better. And my job is to make sure that she can recover so she can go back to her career serving her constituents in southern Arizona. So I’m working everyday towards that goal,” Kelly said.

Kelly said that Giffords would like to run for re-election in 2012, but hasn’t made a decision yet.

“She has some time and you know she has to do this on her own schedule and decide in her own way,” Kelly said.

“She’ll know. She’ll know. I mean, she’s getting there. You know it all looks really positive. So we’re excited about that. She spends every day in rehab, eight hours a day and so we’ve got to proceed like she is going to take this step and run this next term,” Kelly said.

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