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Mario Kart for PC? Not Quite: Super World Karts

Katy Hollingsworth

Indie racing game Super World Karts hits Steam Greenlight

Super World Karts Grand Prix hit Steam Greenlight on August 9th, and the 16-bit racer seems to be getting a decent amount of support on Greenlight and on Kickstarter.

The racers are comprised of many popular indie games like Lobodestroyo, Read Only Memories, Fist of Awesome and more. The game is coming in 1080p and 60fps, according to developers. It’ll have its own collection of achievements and collection rewards, as well as character and track unlocks depending on platform.

Compatible with all sorts of controllers, the game will also feature controller controls for tilting, touching and analog. While currently the only platforms on schedule are the PC, OUYA and Mac, other platforms may roll out depending on stretch goals.

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