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Man who threatened Obama to appear in court

Anton Caluori said to appear in court for the threats he made against Obama

Anton Caluori, 31, was arrested Tuesday for the alleged threats he sent to President Obama via email. Prosecutors say the message was sent to a generic FBI email address. The FBI immediately contacted the Secret Service.

In the email, the man reportedly stated “I will kill the president!!!!! I want you to come and get me…you can’t afford to call my bluff.”

Obviously this matter is being taken very seriously.  Caluori supposedly answered the door to his home armed with a shotgun and lifted in the direction of officials.

Police officer, Andy Hensing, took the gun before any shots were fired. The gun was fully loaded with the safety off.

A bomb unit was also called to the scene because of reports that there could be explosives in the apartment. However, no explosives were found.

Caluori is set to appear in a U.S. district court in Seattle on Wednesday for threatening to kill the president and assaulting a law enforcement official. The man faces up to 20 years in prison for the alleged assault and is said to undergo a psychological examination.

This is not the first time Obama has faced threats of this manner. Since becoming president in 2007, he has received security protection from the Secret Service due to numerous threats.

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