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Man eats family dog after bad trip on K2

Man was reportedly “going crazy”

K2 can make people do some crazy things – like eating your own dog. After reportedly having been high on synthetic drug K2, Michael Terron Daniel, 22, was said to have torn flesh from his family dog with his teeth before he beat and strangled it to death. Witnesses of Daniel, of Waco, Texas, said after he was found eating the family dog following his bad K2 trip. He was “going crazy” as they saw him  “on his hands and knees” chasing the animal while “barking and growling like a dog”.

Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said officers found Daniel on the porch covered in blood.  Daniel was taken to a hospital following the K2 trip. The dog died at the scene.

Daniel was charged with felony cruelty to a non-livestock animal. He is currently in McLennan County Jail.

The drug K2 is created by using herbs, which are sprayed with chemicals that produce a similar high as cannabis. K2 is highly controversial because of its side effects, such as hallucinations, extreme paranoia and violent behavior.

The Senate recently gave their final approval of the measure to ban K2 as part of a Food and Drug Administration bill. The measure is now sent to the President for approval, and it is rumored he is expected to sign the law.

The federal ban on K2 will prevent foreign manufacturers from getting their products in the United States.

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