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Losing your virginity: Who you can go to for guidance

Janelle Vreeland

Who you can go to if you’re confused after losing your virginity

As he is getting ready to put on his cap and gown, he looks in the mirror and realizes he is still a virgin. He is about to graduate high school and take the big step of entering college. Because he still has not “done the deed,” he is too ashamed and embarrassed to admit it. Does this sound like a situation you can relate to? Don’t worry because you’re not alone. Often, there’s a lot of pressure involved in losing your virginity, especially when it seems as though everyone else is getting in on the act.

Although some of your friends may be having sex, it doesn’t mean you need to lose your virginity right away. Losing your virginity should be special and meaningful because you may regret it later on if you decide to lose it too hastily. For some people, sexual feelings are tied with love and relationships. However, if you can engage in sex without having the ties of a relationship or having deeper emotions involved, make sure you are being safe and cautious before getting into the act. Being safe not only means thinking about the physical risks such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but also realizing the emotional risks as well. Regret, pain, confusion, hurt and sadness are all feelings you may feel after losing your virginity.

There is no set age when you should lose your virginity. What matters is whether or not it is the right time for you. Even if you decide it is the right moment, and you give in to committing the act, you may still feel lost afterwards. If that is the case, remember that you can talk to your school counselor, a parent, a friend or even your doctor for guidance if you are feeling confused afterwards. Planned Parenthood may also give you some answers on questions that may arise after you lose your virginity. Visit their site or find a health center near you to talk to a professional face to face. You can also speak to your doctor or make an appointment with Planned Parenthood to discuss your birth control options.

Almost everyone has questions about sex after losing their virginity, so do not believe you are alone in this world searching for answers. Remember, there are many people out there willing to speak with you on the confusing subject of sex.

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