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Holiday Tree

How hunting for a Christmas Tree can be a great workout

Store bought trees are perfect. They are uniformly green. They are the perfect shape. There are no little gaps and bare spots. The trunk is perfectly straight, and there is always the perfect place at the top to place the star. The same can be said for the fake firs out there.

I am not knocking the perfection of the store bought tree, nor am I saying that if you have an allergy to plant life you should ignore it for the holidays. To the contrary, do what you need to do survive the season of the evergreen.

That said, what better way can you think of to get your workout in and have something to show for it and brag about through to the new year? When planning on cutting your own tree, there are some tips, tricks, and safety measures to keep in mind. Hunting the perfect tannenbaum is not for the faint of heart.

1. Make the trip a family or friends affair. Trekking out into the wilderness, no matter how well mapped out, is not a solo mission. Bringing friends and family on your adventure is not only safer, it is more fun. If you are in a climate that does get snow, this is a great opportunity for random snowball fights, or making your mark with a snowman or two.

2. Dress for the occasion. No matter if your winter weather is 50 degrees or 20 degrees, layered clothing is always the best option. Heavy boots and thick socks will not only keep the chill and frostbite at bay, it will also guard against blisters from walking on often uneven earth. While you may want to use work gloves when you finally find your perfect tree, mittens or thicker lined gloves should be worn while on the hunt. And don’t forget a proper hat. Most body heat is lost through the feet and the head, so keep those covered!

3. Sawing logs. No this does not mean it is time for a nap. If you decide to really get your workout with rustic style and hand saw that fir down, be prepared for a serious upper body training. While most of the trees you will find will have trunks manageable by just one person giving it a good go, some may require taking turns with an equally able bodied friend. This is not only a muscle focus workout, it is cardio as well, and can be even more trying on the heart in the cold.

Whether you decide to get your winter workout by hauling back a Yule log as in days of old. Or to take the easy way out, do take some time to enjoy the cold weather and play in the snow if possible.

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