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Living off campus: Pros and cons

Janelle Vreeland

The pros and cons of living off campus

It can be a huge decision when choosing whether to live on campus or off. While you may be tempted to decide one way or another, it’s imperative that you weight the pros and cons of living off campus before making your final decision. Here are the prs and cons of living off campus.


  • Privacy
  • The ability to come and go as you please
  • Being able to choose your own roommate or not have one at all
  • Not being stuck with a meal plan
  • Ability to “get away” from the campus when you want to
  • No restrictions involving parties, drinking, etc.
  • Having more space than a dorm room provides
  • Not as likely to be homesick
  • Fewer distractions
  • Appliances are more accessible
  • Being able to truly live on your own
  • Not having to worry about moving from dorm to dorm or moving out at the end of each year
  • Cuts down on tuition costs


  • Not being as involved as those on campus
  • Not aware of the latest campus news
  • Costs associated with commuting every day
  • Living with your parents (if you don’t have your own place)
  • Campus resources are not as easily accessible
  • Difficult to manage time if your classes aren’t all back-to-back
  • Harder to find a job on campus
  • Dealing with housing and electric bills on a monthly basis 

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