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Lil Romeo raps for ICDC College

Janelle Vreeland

Lil Romeo

Lil Romeo video heats up on Twitter

Lil Romeo is in the spotlight, but it’s not because of his music career.

Lil Romeo, aka Romeo Miller, recently did a commercial for ICDC College. The school, which boasts a Fast Track Diploma program, recently used Lil Romeo in a commercial to promote their school. The commercial has since made its way to YouTube. You can watch it below.

Twitter users can’t seem to get enough of the story, asking if Lil Romeo is really hurting for money and making fun of his rap “singing the praises” of ICDC. Some are even questioning why he’s doing the commercials in the first place, pointing out that Romeo dropped out of USC.

The ICDC College YouTube account has disabled comments for the video. This isn’t surprising, considering that the video has received a large amount of “dislikes.”

Do you think that the negative response to Lil Romeo’s commercial for ICDC will cause the college to remove the ad? Do you think the ad has inspired people to enroll with ICDC? Share your thoughts with us.

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