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Learning a foreign language tips

Janelle Vreeland

Helpful tips when learning a foreign language

Learning a foreign language can be a difficult and intimidating endeavour, but it is essential if you plan on studying abroad in a country that doesn’t have have English as a first language. Although learning a foreign language is time consuming and requires a great deal of patience and effort, we have some tips to help make the task less of a burden.

Learning a foreign language tip #1: Dedicate an appropriate amount of time to your study
There’s a reason why many universities and colleges schedule foreign languages classes to take place four days a week — you need to be exposed to it as often and as long as possible in order for it to begin to sink in. If you’re learning a language on your own, try to be as consistent as possible with your studying and dedicate at least an hour a day to it.

Learning a foreign language tip #2: Bone up on your grammar skills
Not sure what the genitive case is or means in English? Then learning it in German will be that much more difficult. Refresh yourself with the basics so that you’ll be able to see the parallels between the languages more clearly.

Learning a foreign language tip #3: Practice speaking
It’s one thing to read, understand and compose in another language. But it is far more difficult to speak and be able to think on your feet in another language. If you’re planning on studying abroad, then it will be just as important for you to speak in a foreign language as it will be to write and read a foreign language. The more practice you have speaking and conversing in your chosen language, the more confident you’ll be at it.

Learning a foreign language tip #4: Think and label items in a foreign language
For extra practice try translating your inner dialogue to a foreign language. Also try labeling common objects with their foreign names to make the association easier and more seamless as you’re learning.

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