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Lauren Silberman kicks for the NFL

Iesha Pompey

Lauren Silberman didn't do to well at the NFL regional scouting combine.

Lauren Silberman is the first woman to try out for the NFL

Lauren Silberman, 28, is making news after failing to impress the dozens of media who gathered to watch the first woman to participate in the NFL regional scouting combine tryout on Sunday.

“I’m working hard to prepare but I’m also realistic about my chances. I hope my willingness to put myself out there inspires others to seize opportunities and challenges. The support from around the world has been so heartening,” Lauren Silberman told the The Associated Press before the event that now has NFL fans wondering how true that might have been.

Lauren Silberman never mentioned her best kicking distance. She only posted footage of her training and said that she hoped to make “perfect 60 yard field goals” during the day of tryouts.

She couldn’t have been any further from meeting her goals on Sunday.

Lauren Silberman was one of 39 kickers in the NY Jets training facility. Unfortunately for her, if any of her male counterparts did perform poorly it was overshadowed by the only woman on the field.

What should have been the best kick of her life turned into another excuse for female sports not to be taken seriously or be remotely compared to the ability of their male counterparts who have the advantage of being able to play college football before going to the NFL.

The former University of Wisconsin soccer player and MIT graduate had recently suffered a quadricep injury that may or may not have something to do with the kicks that landed no further than the 14 and 16 yard lines.

According to some, Lauren Silberman did not take time to practice her kicks beforehand and asked some of her competitors for tips before she approached the ball at six yards, four yards in front of the standard start line. She also struggled to place the ball on the tee.

Whether or not Lauren Silberman was a serious contender for the NFL or used as a promotion for the event is a serious question for NFL fans, especially some female athletes who now feel Silberman is now the set back of professional female athletes.

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