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Kyra Sedgwick leaves "The Closer" for new enterprises

Elif Geris

After a seven-year run, Kyra Sedgwick leaves "The Closer," bringing the show to an end

After a seven-year run, Kyra Sedgwick leaves “The Closer,” bringing the show to an end

After seven years of playing lead on the The Closer, and a year of deliberation, Kyra Sedgwick filmed her final episode. Sedgwick’s husband, Kevin Bacon assisted the Emmy award winning actress in making the decision. Kyra Sedgwick left her role as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson to branch out into new characters.

The Closer took a five-month hiatus and returned to the television screen Monday for its remaining six episodes.

Kyra Sedgwick said, “I’m looking to do more film,” adding, “I’m interested in some theater, if that comes along. I wouldn’t say I’m walking away from TV forever but just from this, for right now. I’m like a work horse. I wouldn’t say I’m a workaholic but I really do like to work. That’s how I express myself and so I miss it when I don’t get to do it, I start to get not very fun to be around, let’s put it that way.”

Kyra Sedgwick spoke of Bacon’s impact in her decision. “He was the one that told me to do it in the first place and he was the one, when I was sort of feeling so terrible about the idea of ending it because I felt so responsible for everybody, the cast and the crew and everything – he was the one who … helped guide me to my decision,” said Sedgwick.

Bacon, 54, will return to the television screen himself on 2013’s new drama, The Following, where he will play the role of ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy in search of a serial killer.   

And now Kyra Sedgwick hopes she can switch roles with Bacon, and become the supporter of her husband’s work. During Bernie Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme, the couple lost a substantial sum of money, and Bacon said, “There’s [sic] other people who had it a lot worse. We can both work,” adding, “Thank God for that show,” referring to The Closer.

Though Kyra Sedgwick’s departure from The Closer will bring the show to its end, CF News 13 discovered that a spin-off show named Major Crimes will go into production at some point in the near future. Most of the cast of The Closer star in its spin-off, which will surely be significantly different from the original.

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