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Halloween: Dorm Decorations

Kayley Loveridge

Halloween: Dorm Decorations

Halloween is a holiday favorite among college students; an opportune time to dust off that Dracula costume and join the droves of inebriated ghosts and witches in blood (well, wine) drinking rituals way past the midnight hour. So, what better way to get into the trick or treating spirit than decorating your dorm? Ideas are endless when it comes to frightful holiday décor—a student’s finance, however, isn’t (sigh). But don’t fret! We take a look at some cheap and DIY ideas to kit out your dorm for a spooktacular look.

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Jack-o’-lantern traditions

Glowing pumpkins are a staple icon in Halloween traditions stemming from the stories of Stingy Jack and his run ins with the devil—hence the popularly named “Jack-o’-lantern”. To make a Jack-o’-lantern, gut a pumpkin’s insides and grab a free carving template online to carve out creepy faces or artsy patterns on the side. Be thoughtful of fire hazards and use some low-watt fairy lights to push inside and drape over your display to cast eerie shadows on the dorm wall.

Use small pumpkins that come in varying colors to sit on your window-ledge for your own mini pumpkin-patch to offset a fall atmosphere.

If you feel like experimenting with less traditional ways of using pumpkins, how about using it as a decorative vase? Gut the insides (as before), cover the body in glitter and fill with your favorite fall-time flowers.

Haunt guests with fab paper decorations

No Halloween is complete without swinging bats and ghosts from the ceiling and they’re so easy to make. Buy some thick black and white card paper from your local craft store, fold the paper in half and draw one half of the bat and ghost, cut it out et voilà—you have yourself symmetrical bats and ghosts. Hang them from the ceiling with string at varying lengths for a spooky experience as your guests walk through your dorm.

Go the extra mile and use up the rest of the black paper to adhere triangles along string—bottom side—for a quick and easy garland. Hang above the door or at the end of your bed.

*Bonus: Do you know why black and orange are such popular colors for Halloween? Black signifies death and Halloween is traditionally a celebration of the dead. Orange represents life and endurance during this time. Mix up your garland by adding orange paper triangles for an authentic Halloween look!

Fire burn and Cauldron Bubble 

Bring out the witch in you and transform your cauldron into a magical center piece. Fill the cauldron right up with individually wrapped candy and lollipops and decorate with faux cobwebs for your guests to enjoy. Boost the fright-factor by painting fake blood on a mannequin hand before popping it in to look like your victim is trying to escape.

Have a safe Halloween, kids!

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